08/20/2020- Replacing more than a dozen light poles along the US-41 corridor in Marinette won’t come cheap, but it’s work that needs to be done, according to City Engineer Brian Miller. Miller presented the Board of Public Works with an update on the rust damage that’s occurred on many of the steel poles on Hall Avenue up to the interstate bridge. Of the 69 poles, corrosion caused by winter road salt was severe enough that it weakened the integrity of 16 of them, which would require total replacement. Damage to the other 53 was determined to be superficial and can likely be corrected with scraping and repainting. The cost of a new aluminum pole is around $3000 and it will run the city another $4000 per pole to attach the arm and light fixture and install. The price tag for the entire project, including scraping and painting, is around $132000. Miller says the new poles could be purchased from the 2020 capital budget, while their installation cost and painting of other poles will be included in the 2021 capital budget. BPW approved that proposal Tuesday, now sending it to the Finance Committee and full Common Council for consideration.