07/24/2020- The concrete barricades along Main Street in Marinette serve an important purpose protecting the Naval personnel working inside the Marinette Professional Center, but City officials are hoping a redesign might make them a little more visually appealing. The barriers have been in place for more than five years, but the city’s Civic Affairs Committee last month asked for an update on the structures, saying they were only intended to be “temporary.” Fincantieri Marinette Marine does not own, but rather, rents that building for LCS crews and Nate Milsap with Marinette Marine said this week alternatives, such as ballards or even just decorating the existing concrete barricades could be considered. However, he also suggested that the barriers are located on City property and the company might not be willing to absorb the entire cost of constructing new ones.

Alderperson Doug Oitzinger is in favor of allowing the barricades to remain if they’re redesigned, but he cautioned Milsap against implying the City should be on the hook for that expense.

The Civic Affairs Committee this week approved a motion asking Marinette Marine to draft and return with some new design options for permanent security solutions for the Marinette Professional Center.