Jury selection and opening statements were made yesterday in the McClintock Park double homicide trial of 84-year-old Raymand Vannieuwenhoven. The Marinette County Courtroom and jury board room was filled with a total of 87 potential jurors as Judge James Morrison presided over the mornings jury selection and the afternoons opening statements by the Marinette County prosecutor’s office and Vannnieuwenhoven’s defense attorneys. Prosecuting Attorney, Mark Williams says, “you are going to hear that David was shot in the neck and died outside a bathroom and Ellen was raped brutally and shot twice in the torso area causing her death.”

Defense Attorney, Lee Schuchart says, “you have two eyewitnesses at the campground who saw the shooter at the campground who heard the shot.”

Vannieuwenhoven is on trial for the July 9, 1976, double homicide of David Schuldes, and Ellen Matheys in the Town of Silvercliff while they were camping at McClintock Park. Vannieuwenhoven’s trial continues today at 8:30am at the Marinette County Courthouse.