02/15/2019- Nearly 46 years after the last American troops left Vietnam, 53 Northeast Wisconsin veterans are headed back there. The Old Glory Honor Flight’s Return to Nam trip embarks February 24th and veterans will spend two weeks revisiting the region where they previously spent months and, in some cases, years fighting one of the most controversial wars in US history. Rick Chouinard of Crivitz is a Navy vet and was stationed at Tan Son Nhut Air Base near Saigon. Chouinard was part of more than 100 missions during his 18-months in country and he says he expects things to look a little bit different now.
Chouinard says he’s fallen out of touch with those he served with in Vietnam, but adds there’s an unspoken bond between all Vietnam vets that remains long after they’ve tucked their uniforms away.
This is the Old Glory Honor Flight’s first ever Return to Nam trip and, like their regular flights to Washington DC, it is being offered at no cost to the veterans.