The Brownfield Redevelopment Authority took the first steps last evening in an approval process to move the Brownfield Redevelopment Authority forward to support the development at the former Kmart project property. Nancy Douglas, with the Menominee Business Development Corporation, says, “our next steps will be to do some informational meetings with the Menominee City Council and the Menominee County Board.”

Douglas says, “the developer has told us his investment is in the area of $55 million over four phases.”

Once the Brownfield Redevelopment Authority goes to the State of Michigan, it will take about ninety days for their approval. However, they are aware of the project. Douglas says, “the vision of the Menominee County Board and their administrator to develop the Authority, the city’s willingness to step up and say yes, we will be a part of that; I think it speaks very well of our elected officials that they can see past today’s revenues and into the future and understand that this all works together, and it is a benefit to the city and the county.” The next step in the process will be a Brownfield introduction to the City of Menominee Council on July 18th.