Menominee County Prosecuting Attorney Jeffrey Rogg dismissed one of the Brian Helfert cases last week Friday. Judge Mary B. Barglind signed the nolle prosequi which means it was dismissed without prejudice, meaning Menominee County Prosecuting Attorney Jeffrey Rogg, in his prosecutorial discretion, can decide when to refile. Rogg says, “the reason I elected to dismiss the case, was because as the case got ready for trial last week, it became obvious to me that certain witnesses were unavailable because of certain court rulings.”

Rogg says, “in the meantime there are three additional victims that exist, that I have brought forth four separate cases alleging various instances of criminal sexual conduct in each of those cases.”

Judge Robert Jamo decided that the other two cases are extant and there will be a supplemental probable cause conference on April 6th following the preliminary examination of the first victim. Rogg says, “he expects those to be set for preliminary examination in the ordinary course of the court’s business.” As for the original case, Rogg states he wants to get the three new cases into the circuit court, which involves the necessity of having preliminary examinations in each of them. Once the three are bound over, he will then revisit refiling the case that he had problems with earlier. Rogg also encourages anyone else who is out there who may not have been heard to please contact him at the Menominee County Prosecutor’s Office or Sgt. Jason McGee at the Menominee Police Department.