May 21st, 1914, could be, to most, a regular day in history. However, this day is the birthdate of John Hubley. A man who many might not recognize by name but by characters on the big screen. Hubley was involved in some of Disney’s classic films, including “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” “Pinocchio,” “Bambi,” “Dumbo” and “Fantasia.” Hubley is the co-creator of the nearsighted Mr. Magoo cartoon. He also was a director of United Productions of America and formed the production company Storyboard Inc. He and his wife Faith won three Oscars for their work. To honor him and his work, many groups and organizations worked tirelessly to have a memorial marker erected in his honor outside of the Stephenson Public Library. On Saturday, May 20th, their hard work was unveiled in a ceremony outside the library. Wisconsin State Historical Marker Program Coordinator Fitzy Heimdel says, “from the very first historical marker dedicated in 1951, actually just down the road in Peshtigo, to today’s events, it’s always a highlight of mine to be able to attend these events.”

Stephenson Public Library Interim Director Amy Commers says, “we here at Stephenson Public Library which is a part of Marinette County Libraries are just so honored to be able to host this historical marker.”

The City of Marinette has honored Hubley as well; by setting aside May 20th as John Hubley Day.