The Menominee Police Department was dispatched Friday to 1236 West Drive on a “fire bomb” complaint. Officers determined someone had thrown a Molotov cocktail at the residence while two people were sitting on the back porch and one person was inside. The resulting fire was extinguished by a garden hose by one of the victims.

A neighbor provided officers with surveillance footage of the incident. The suspect was identified as Frank Buelteman, 45. He was found in a shed at 2112 11th Avenue and arrested. Items of clothing were seized, along with a container of gasoline.

Buelteman was arraigned Monday in Menominee District Court. He’s charged with:

  • 3 counts of assault with intent to murder
    · terrorism
    · explosive—possession of a Molotov cocktail with property damage
    · explosives—possession of bombs with unlawful intent
    · arson—preparation to burn a dwelling

A probable cause conference is scheduled for July 1 and a preliminary exam for July 22 in Menominee County Circuit Court