50-year-old Anthony Jason Avent, of Menominee, was sentenced last week in the 41st Circuit Court by the honorable Judge Christopher S. Ninomiya to a term of 11-months in the Menominee County Jail for two operating whiles intoxicated third offense convictions. Although it so happens, these are Avent’s sixth and seventh convictions for drunk driving. Menominee County Prosecuting Attorney Jeffrey Rogg says, “the Michigan sentencing guidelines unfortunately limited the justice system to a maximum term of 11 months in the county jail; that was imposed at my request by Judge Ninomiya for these convictions.”


Rogg says, “Mr.Avent’s driver’s license was revoked long ago and yet that still didn’t stop him.”

They currently lodged Avent in the Menominee County Jail with felony fines from $500 up to $5,000.