A former Sherriff’s deputy facing over a dozen felony charges appeared in court via zoom Friday along with his attorney Trenton Stupak and Prosecuting Attorney Jeffrey Rogg to discuss the modification of his bond. 57-year-old Brian Helfert is facing 16 counts related to the sexual assault of a minor. The charges stem from an alleged six-year history of sexual assault and abuse of a student victim that Helfert was to be mentoring. Prosecuting Attorney Jeffrey Rogg argues that the bond should be raised from $250,000 to $750,000 due to the graphic testimony of the victim during pre-trial and the severity of the charges.

According to Helfert, he is asking the court to modify his bond to ten percent of $100,000. However, Judge Mary Bargland did not agree with Helfert and kept the bond at $250,000 without the ten percent. A jury trial is set for November of 2021.