The U.P. Foster Closet is holding a unique fundraising opportunity for the community to get involved with. Not only is this a fundraiser, but it is also a beard challenge in which Menominee County Prosecutor Jeffrey Rogg is going to shave his beard off via live stream.  Rogg holds this fundraiser close to his heart, often he advocates for the very children the U.P. Foster Closet serve right in the court room. Rogg says, “all donations they’ve received so far for the Foster Closet have come from the community.”

Rogg says, “when it comes to his beard, he is willing to sacrifice it for one-thousand-dollars.”

The U.P. Foster Closet serves not only Menominee County residences but Marinette and Oconto too. For more information about this program or how to donate please call 920-249-4162.