11/13/2018- Got any travel plans for this Thanksgiving holiday? Well, if you do, you’re not alone. AAA Wisconsin projects around 1.1 million people will hit the road next week- a 5% increase over last year. Beth Mosher with AAA says the rise is due in large part to the state’s stable economy and low unemployment.
AAA’s travel figures only account for those driving 50-miles or further over Thanksgiving. That means both the interstate and local roads could be crowded as residents head out to visit family and friends. Mosher says besides keeping an eye on the weather- which can turn quickly this time of year- there are a few other safety tips drivers should keep in mind.
It’s not just the roads that will be busy, but airports, as well. Mosher says at least 93000 Wisconsinites will fly to their Thanksgiving destinations. Peak travel times for both drivers and those flying are next Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.