08/16/2019- Budget discussions are well underway in Marinette County and this week the county’s Administrative Committee got the chance to review some of the proposed 2020 figures. One area that’s repeatedly been identified as needing attention is economic development and committee member Don Pazynski believes some of that can be accomplished by directing more funding and effort toward improving tourism and promoting Marinette County as a place to work and play.
When asked about his overall outlook on the 2020 budget, County Administrator John Lefebvre says there are a lot of outstanding projects that still need to be completed, and he’s hoping to check as many of those off the list as possible while also addressing wage increases and a 30-percent hike in the price of high-cost placements in the Health and Human Services department.
The Administrative Committee will get their first look at the complete 2020 budget proposal next month. A final version of the document is expected to be adopted by the full county board October 29th.