Radio remains relevant in today’s world of time-starved consumers. It is a reach medium, delivering messages 24/7 to consumers personally, one-on-one, in an attentive environment. It provides information as it reaches consumers closest to their time of purchase, as they drive to or from work, or even during a lunch break. When used synergistically with other media, it increases brand awareness, brand recall, and an advertiser’s ROI. In various studies, it has also proven to increase website visitation and purchase likelihood.

Radio’s core strength continues to be the power of words and sound. With its human voice to convince, it can be used as a branding medium. Advertisers continue to use radio personality endorsements to build trust and drive business, with these same personalities often providing personal experiences with the brand, on-air mentions, and authentic chatter within their shows.

Radio is resilient. Its accessibility continues to expand with technology. Innovations in this same technology are both enhancing and expanding radio’s ability to provide content to listeners whenever, wherever they want it on-air, online, or on-demand. Today’s technologies can increase and enhance the consumer’s radio experience thru text messaging, mobile applications, visual experiences, time-shifted listening via podcasts, and even on smart speaker devices.

As the top source for music discovery and audio entertainment, radio has a dominant role among listeners of all generations and age groups. Radio and the personalities on those stations are companions, something that keeps the listener company, elevates their mood, informs them and makes them think and laugh.

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