02/07/2020- Marinette County’s Sheriff and the City of Marinette Chief of Police echo the same sentiment when asked about the recent acquisition of an armored rescue vehicle: it’s been a long time coming. The County approved fully funding the purchase a refurbished Bearcat last month and Tuesday the Marinette Common Council signed off on an MOU between the Sheriff’s Department and City Police Department for joint training on and operation of the vehicle. Police Chief John Mabry says that agreement will ensure better response times for critical incidents whether they occur within the city or the more remote parts of the county.
The Sheriff’s Department has been requesting the Bearcat since about 2014. Sheriff Jerry Sauve says it’s a vital safety tool for his officers and the public in this changing social climate.
The armored rescue vehicle will be housed at the Marinette County Law Enforcement Center. The MOU between the City and County for the use of the vehicle will remain in effect as long as the County owns the ARV and any amendments to it will need to be approved by both the County and City’s governing boards.