The Unified Command agencies have determined that the EPA’s air monitoring and air sampling can be reduced. This is based upon the EPA’s ongoing evaluation of air monitoring and air sampling data the agency has continuously collected since the beginning of the incident response. The EPA will scale down the number of air monitoring stations in the community surrounding the fire site. However, air monitoring and sampling will continue for particulate and other volatile organic compounds and the EPA will continue its evaluation of results. This is good news, which shows that the potential threat of air impact from the scene continues to diminish. The EPA will continue to evaluate air monitoring and sampling data and coordinate results with state and local agencies. The incident is being handled under a unified command structure led by the EPA. Agencies taking part in the unified command are EGLE, Wisconsin DNR, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS), Menominee County, Marinette County, Public Health, Delta & Menominee Counties, Marinette County Public Health, the cities of Menominee and Marinette, and the industrial tenants of the warehouse.