Proposed changes to the Menominee Regional Airport Committee need more revision, according to the county’s Board of Commissioners. The Airport Committee had asked the board to consider adding two members to the committee- an airport user and an individual representing the region’s business sector. But, Commissioner Larry Schei says it will require systemic change, not just an expansion of the advisory committee, to lead to the improved function and efficiency of the airport.
Another point of contention for some commissioners was that the recommendation stated the airport user member be a Menominee County resident and that the commercial sector member represent a business in either Menominee County or the City of Marinette. Commissioner David Prestin says if the airport’s focus is on growth, they shouldn’t restrict the new seats’ eligibility with residency requirements.
The item was listed for discussion only and the board took no action on it. The proposal was sent back to the Airport Committee to further review details and options.