03/19/2019- The ball is rolling to reorganize Menominee County’s Sheriff’s Department and Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and some changes could be coming down the pipe at the local airport, as well. County Administrator Jason Carviou says for years the county has been budgeting money annually for an Airport Manager position that has thus gone unfilled. This year, Carviou himself took on the high-level administrative duties of the airport and is now suggesting that move become a permanent one, subsequently eliminating the airport manager role and creating full time lead operations technician and operation technician positions, which could save the county up to $30000
It’s expected the airport’s only current full-time lineman, Jeff LaFleur, would move into the Lead Operations Technician role. Carviou says creating an additional full-time position under LaFleur offers the county a contingency plan by training and certifying a second person on critical airport operation duties.
A motion to reorganize the Menominee Regional Airport structure, approve the new job descriptions, and add some of the airport’s administrative duties to the County Administrator’s responsibilities was passed and sent along to the full county board.