Tensions are rising between Menominee County and some airport hangar lessees. Earlier this month, the Airport Committee agreed to send official notices to the nine lessees that had failed to sign their new lease agreements by the May 15th deadline to alert them of the possibility of eviction. Several airport users were in the audience at Tuesday’s Menominee County Board meeting speaking out against a new 10-year lease term versus the previous 20-year lease. There were also concerns about the decision to lock the airport’s terminal due to alleged vandalism and place barriers across the taxi lane to prevent unauthorized vehicle use. Kip Martin is a student pilot and says the climate at the local airport is discouraging.
County Administrator Jason Carviou says the notices were served to those tenants who had not signed the new lease by the county sheriff, although that decision didn’t sit well with many.
Carviou says he is hopeful those remaining lessees will return their signed lease agreements soon. If not, the County Board will be charged with deciding if and when to move forward with formal eviction.