04/10/2020- After two terms as chairman, District 11 Supervisor Mark Anderson is stepping down from the Marinette County Board. Anderson’s first run on the board was in 1992 and he rejoined in 2016. For the past four years his number one initiative has been fostering economic and community development, including the very recent creation of internal positions to the county to focus on those types of initiatives. While Anderson says he understands government operations are designed to move slowly, part of his decision not to seek another term is hinged on frustration at just how slowly decisions are- or aren’t- being made in regards to Marinette County development.
The County, as well as government entities across the nation, could be entering a challenging time as we begin to see the economic impacts of the current coronavirus outbreak. Despite that, Anderson maintains it’s the right time for him to step aside and let someone else lead that charge.
Anderson, who also operates a dairy farm in Porterfield, says he does intend to stay involved in the County in some capacity. Stan Gruszynski ran uncontested to fill Anderson’s District 11 post in this week’s election. The County Board will select their new chairman at their reorganizational meeting later this month.