10/25/2018- It’s crunch time for the new contractor at the Marinette REC Center as they work to complete the panel replacement work by their contract deadline. For an additional $53000 over the lowest bidder, Boldt Construction was hired for the project earlier this year based on their ability to finish the work at least a month earlier than C&C Services. However, Mayor Steve Genisot says a manufacturing delay means the all of new panels won’t be on site until tomorrow, nearly a week later than anticipated. That could push back the estimated December 14th completion date.
Genisot says the City is still involved in litigation to decide who will pay for the replacement work caused by Scherrer Construction’s improper installation of the original panels.
Genisot expects Boldt to add additional crew members to the job site to get the work done as quickly as possible. Their contract with the city incentivized an early completion and the company will incur a penalty fee for each day they go beyond the agreed-upon deadline.