Marijuana was the topic of a very lengthy discussion at the City of Menominee’s Committee of the Whole meeting last evening. The council discussed the possibility of awarding one additional marijuana retail license. During the initial discussion and adoption of the Marijuana Ordinance, it was determined that it would award only two marijuana retail licenses. They awarded Rize and the Fire Station the retail provisional license. Attitude Wellness/Lume was not recommended for a retail provisional license because it was determined they were not the best suited or in the best interest of the city, even though they scored a 50/50 on the scoring rubric. Lume was also not in possession of a special use permit at the time of the decision, but they are now. Brett Botbyl Menominee City Manager says, “This discussion was at the request of the city’s legal team.”

Botbyl says, “the additional retail license that we’re discussing would be awarded to Lume.”

The next step in the process is for City Manager Brett Botbyl to go back to the legal team with the concerns and questions of the council. The legal team will then decide what is the best course of action to take on behalf of the City of Menominee.