A former Sherriff’s deputy facing over a dozen felony charges is hoping to reduce his bond, while the Menominee County Prosecutor wants to raise it. 57-year-old Brian Helfert is facing 16 counts related to the sexual assault of a minor. The charges stem from an alleged six-year history of sexual assault and abuse of a student victim that Helfert was to be mentoring. Helfert was convicted of sexual misconduct of a teenager in December of 2020 and sentenced to six months in jail. Prosecuting Attorney Jeffrey Rogg argues that the bond should be raised from $250,000 to $750,000 due to the graphic testimony of the victim during pre-trial and the severity of the charges. In court documents, Rogg states that another victim has come up in the weeks following the bind over decision in this case. Rogg believes that there may be more victims, calling Helfert a “serial predator.”

According to court documents, Helfert is asking the court to modify his bond to ten percent of $100,000. Helfert says it should be lowered because he has no prior felony convictions and he lives in Menominee County, meaning there would be no reason for him to leave town. Court documents also state that he has not been convicted and should be considered innocent until proven guilty. The pre-trial is scheduled for today, July 2nd.