During the public comment period on Aquila Resource’s application for a wetlands protection permit for its Back 40 Mine Project, the Michigan DEQ received over 3400 written comments in addition to 88 individuals who commented at a January hearing in Stephenson.  In a letter to the company on Friday, the DEQ asked for responses on over 100 issues raised in the public comments.  The concerns to be responded to not only include issues related to directly to wetlands, but also on other details related to the proposed mine’s construction, the mine’s effects on Burial sites and mounds sacred to the Menominee Tribe, the life of the mine, its effects on the area’s historic, cultural, scenic, and recreation value and on the public health, and fish and wildlife, and how the mine would benefit both public and private interests in the general area.   The DEQ is asking for Aquila’s responses by March 23rd if they are to be taken into consideration as the as the permit application is reviewed.  The full letter can be found on the DEQ’s website.