01/13/2020- It’s been a hard year for property owners along the bay and that’s not likely to change anytime soon. Crystal von Holdt, Water Management Specialist with the Wisconsin DNR says water levels in Lake Michigan have gone from record-lows in 2013 to near historic highs in just six years and the frequency of storm events are only adding to the concerns and damage that come with this rapid increase. That’s why the DNR has rolled out a self-certification options for landowners looking to protect their coastal shoreline which will expedite the permitting process and allow residents to prevent further erosion. von Holdt says now, it’s a simple as filling out a one-page form before installing riprap or other protective barriers.
von Holdt says once the emergency shoreline project is complete, landowners will still have to apply for their permanent permit. More information can be found by visiting the Wisconsin DNR’s website and searching “water permits.”