There are some challenges in the way of Menominee making a direct financial contribution to the local Small Business Revolution effort. A coalition of business owners from both sides of the river approached the city earlier this week requesting $5000 to cover some of the associated costs of Marinette and Menominee’s quest to be selected for season four of the reality series. City Attorney Rob Jamo told the Finance Committee he’s reviewed that request and, according of Michigan state law, deems it an unlawful use of public funds because the money benefits a private purpose and the city is not in control of the event or service for which the money will be used.
Jamo adds, however, that he takes no issue with city employees or elected officials making personal contributions to the effort.
Effort organizers have requested a meeting with Jamo and City Manager Tony Graff to discuss other avenues Menominee might explore to support the project. The Finance Committee is expected to meet again for an update January 3rd.