07/29/2019- While a trip to the movies might sounds like a relaxing way to spend your evening or weekend, that’s not always the case for those with Autism or other sensory processing disorders. That’s why the Mariner Theatre in Marinette is unveiling a new option that ensures catching the latest film is an experience everyone can enjoy. The theater is offering Autism-friendly showings which feature family movies with the sound turned down, the lights turned up, and the freedom to move around as needed. Lance Olson is the owner of the Mariner and says it’s a concept being put into practice at theaters in larger cities and he’s happy to make it available to movie-goers right here in the M&M.
The Mariner is an independently owned theater and Olson says they’re working to evolve and grow to meet the demands of the changing culture these new Autism friendly showings are just another example of that.
All of the Mariner’s showtimes, including their Autism friendly performances, can be found online at marinertheater.com.