11/27/2019- If all goes well, the backlog of unprocessed cases in the Menominee County Prosecuting Attorney’s office will be cleared up by the end of 2019. Earlier this year, the County Board approved spending up to 20-thousand-dollars to bring an additional contracted attorney on-board on a temporary basis to sort through the remainder of the backlog. That work is nearly complete and only cost around 4-thousand-dollars, but Prosecuting Attorney Jeff Rogg says closing out those cases in which charges will not be filed will require some overtime from the PA office’s administrative staff. Rogg petitioned the County Board Tuesday to reallocate a portion of the remaining funds designated for the contracted attorney to cover up to four days’ overtime pay for two office staff members.
“I’ve got about three boxes of these old police reports- that is the backlog- that I still need to go through. I’ve got this sheet that I do this on with all the necessary information. I give that sheet along with the police report to the women in our office. They do their work that they need to do to close it out and ship it back to the police agency. So that is going to be three boxes of, basically, extra work for (them) to do, in addition to everything else they’re already doing.”
When Rogg’s office took on the backlog, more than 500 outstanding cases existed. Rogg says he is confident the allocation of some overtime funding will bring that issue to a close in the next month. The board ultimately approved up to $2500 for the administrative overtime costs in the Prosecuting Attorney’s office.