The newest National Defense Authorization Act that has been sent to the President’s desk for his signature includes a number of wins for Wisconsin communities and economy, according to Senator Tammy Baldwin. The NDAA supports the Made in Wisconsin shipbuilding industry by authorizing funding for one guided missile Frigate to be built at Fincantieri Marinette Marine. It also authorizes funding for the construction of two Virginia-class submarines and Wisconsin is home to 40 companies that supply key components for the that program. At Senator Baldwin’s request, the NDAA will create a new joint Navy and Department of Labor working group to support the domestic shipbuilding workforce to address ongoing challenges of workforce shortages and contract instability. The FY 2021 NDAA did not, however, include stronger Buy American standards that Baldwin championed to help drive local economic growth and support good-paying jobs in Wisconsin. The final version of the defense funding bill passed the House and Senate with a veto-proof majority and now heads to the President’s desk for final approval.