The Menominee Special projects committee is recommending a special City Council meeting to determine whether the city should hold a Waterfront Festival this year. The festival lost $17,000 last year when rain held down crowds on all four days of the event. The city also provided another $27,500 in services to the festival. City Manager Tony Graff, with input from city staff and Waterfront Festival Committee members, recommended a budget with expenses trimmed 20%, including a $6000 reduction in the fireworks budget. The recommendation also is to reduce the four day festival to three days, dropping Sunday. The parade would be moved to Saturday afternoon. The rain date for the fireworks would still be Sunday. After a lengthy discussion by the committee on various ideas on how to improve the festival, Graff suggested one option would be to skip the festival this year while it was retooled.
The recommendation was for a special council meeting rather than a committee of the whole be held so that action could be taken on what the city wants to do with the festival this year.