With the prominence of social media and the advancement of smartphones, people are more connected than ever these days. But, AT&T, AAA, and the Wisconsin State Patrol have teamed up to remind teen drivers that those texts, tweets, and snaps are never more important than what’s happening on the road in front of them. Nearly 200 students from Crivitz High School took part in the It Can Wait campaign this week. With guest speakers, videos, and even a distracted driving simulator, the program shows teens just how dangerous, and even deadly, smartphone use while driving can be. Despite Wisconsin’s 2010 ban on texting and driving, 81% of people admit to reading or sending messages behind the wheel and 50% say they’ve checked their social media. Crivitz High School Principal Jeff Baumann says he’s hopeful his students will take the It Can Wait message to heart and put their phones down while driving. Since its creation in 2010, It Can Wait has been presented to more than 52-thousand students in 137 cities throughout Wisconsin.