08/02/2018- It’s known that drinking water contaminated with PFAS compounds like those used in the firefighting foams manufactured and tested by Tyco can cause serious health issues, but Wisconsin’s Department of Health Services is now saying residents in the impacted area may want to steer clear of using that water in their garden, as well. In a release to City of Marinette and Town of Peshtigo officials, DHS representatives say some plants concentrate PFASs slightly above what is in groundwater, while others take up very little PFAS from groundwater. And while the available research indicates that most garden plants are not a major source of exposure, they cannot guarantee consuming these plants will not cause any exposure. As a result, the DHS is recommending people in the affected areas in Marinette and the Town of Peshtigo do not use water that contains PFAS contamination above the EPA’s Health Advisory Level of 70 parts-per-trillion for their gardens. They do note, however, that for other non-potable uses, such as pools, concentrations above 70 parts-per-trillion may be acceptable.