A new master plan has been created for Menominee’s Henes Park, but what’s next?
The draft plan includes a number of significant updates, including the construction of a four-thousand square foot gathers center and relocating the park’s playground. However, at a meeting of the Henes Park Board Thursday, Mayor Jean Stegeman noted there’s been little discussion on how these projects- and their continued maintenance- will be funded.
Henes Foundation Member, Johanna Lewis says the plan is purely conceptual and projects should be addressed one at a time. She says the updates are sorely needed and adds the only projects she believes will require regular upkeep are the paved driveways and parking lots and the proposed gathering center.
UP Engineers and Architects created the updated master plan for Henes Park and presented it to the public at an open house meeting in January. City Manager Tony Graff says he hopes the community will continue to provide feedback on the proposals. The Henes Park Board voted to move the master plan on to the city’s plan commission for review.