11/27/2018- Marinette County is working to pioneer a new, more efficient juvenile court system. Five years ago, the Casey Family Foundation approached the Wisconsin Supreme Court about the state’s cumbersome juvenile court process and offered an alternative- the Foundation set up a pilot-project that incorporates all the stakeholders in the juvenile court system to analyze ways in which the court could become more expedient. Marinette County Judge Jim Morrison says Marinette and Oconto Counties are now teaming up to take part in the project, demonstrating not only the unique challenges rural counties face, but also how they’re working together to tackle those issues.
Marinette County has already begun implementing some changes in their juvenile court based on this collaboration. Morrison says one of the biggest challenges in moving youths through the court system more quickly is finding enough qualified lawyers to process these cases.
The Marinette/Oconto County partnership is one of just six sites in Wisconsin developing the new Juvenile Court Improvement Program.