10/31/2019- Quick action by a Marinette County officer saved one person’s life earlier this month. Deputy Patrick Callahan arrived on-scene just seven minutes after being dispatched for a possible gunshot wound on private land in Middle Inlet. A hunting accident had led to one man being shot in the armpit with a 12-gauge shotgun and Deputy Callahan quickly recognized the victim had what’s commonly referred to as a sucking chest wound- a dangerous condition that can eventually lead to lung collapse. Sheriff Jerry Sauve says Deputy Callahan used some of his personal medical supplies to provide immediate treatment to stabilize the victim’s breathing- a move that bought them critical time until emergency medical responders could arrive.
“A sucking chest wound can lead to a build-up of fluids in the chest and a loss of oxygen, which can be fatal. We learned from the family of the individual who was on-scene that it’s believed Deputy Callahan’s quick response, assessment, and treatment of the victim was instrumental and conducive to saving his life.”
Sheriff Sauve says Deputy Callahan voluntarily enrolled himself in the medical training courses necessary to provide this type of care while he was with the Wisconsin State Patrol. Deputy Callahan was awarded a Certificate of Commendation for meritorious service and a life-saving bar to be displayed on his uniform.