08/21/2019- Following a hearing Monday the Marinette Public Safety and Code Enforcement Committee has ruled a dog owned by Angela Williams of Marinette that was involved in two attacks on other dogs in June shall be designated as a dangerous dog.
Debra Davis testified her dog was attacked while she was walking it at Thomas and Church Streets. Kim Peterson testified she and her husband were walking their dogs on Elizabeth Avenue when William’s dog attacked them. While Davis’ dog was not injured, Peterson’s dog was bitten in the stomach, and required nearly $800 in emergency veterinary treatment.
With the designation of her pet as a dangerous, Williams is required to meet a number of requirements set by the city, including secure kenneling when the dog is on her property, muzzling the dog when it is taken off the property, a special collar identifying the animal as being a dangerous dog, and signage of the property indicating the presence of a dangerous dog. There are also several reporting requirements imposed by the city. The owner of a dangerous dog must submit proof of $100,000 in liability insurance. Failure to comply with the requirements can result in confiscation of the dog by the city and euthanization of the animal.