Marinette is revisiting its Outdoor Recreation Plan to determine which goals have been met and which areas still require the city’s attention. At a meeting of the Parks and Recreation Committee Tuesday, Chairperson Dorothy Kowalski said she and Mayor Steve Genisot spent time touring some of Marinette’s recreational facilities and parks and identified several projects listed in the plan that have yet to be addressed. She says because drafting a new recreation plan could be quite costly, the committee should instead consider examining and updating the existing one. Alderperson Brian Walters says the survey the plan was created from wasn’t specific enough and a lack of project prioritization means the city may be spending their time and efforts inefficiently.
One item not included in the Outdoor Recreation Plan that many committee members felt should remain on the city’s radar is the potential installation of a public splash pad. The committee plans to organize a tour of Marinette’s various rec sites to get a better idea of what their needs are and how to move forward carrying out the recreation plan.