05/30/2019- It’s a minor wording change, but it’s the underlying context that’s causing some unrest on the Marinette County Board. A recommendation from the Executive Committee would change part of the County Board Rules of Procedure from holding a moment of “silent reflection” before each meeting to simply holding a “moment of silence.” The problem, according to some Supervisors, is that the line used to call for a moment of “silent prayer,” and they want to see it returned to that. Supervisor Don Pazynski supported an amendment to restore the word “prayer” in that policy, saying just because it’s suggested wouldn’t mean anyone would be required to pray.
But, on the other side of the argument, Supervisor Gilbert Engel say a moment of silence doesn’t prohibit anyone from praying and he wants to see the county preserve the separation of church and state.
The amendment to include a “moment of silent prayer” was defeated 13 to 15 and the original recommendation to offer a “moment of silence” before County Board meetings was ultimately approved.