As Aquila Resource’s Back Forty Mine project moves closer toward becoming reality, the City of Menominee investigates what it can do to ensure its citizens and natural resources are protected. Tuesday, the Public Safety/Public Works Committee discussed introducing a watershed partnership program that would monitor the environment surrounding the proposed mine. The three-party agreement would exist between the mining company, the Superior Watershed Partnership, and the M&M Area Community Foundation and could be included in the terms and conditions of the mine permitting process. Committee members were given a sample agreement from the Rio Tinto Eagle Mine in Marquette to review and Menominee City Manager Tony Graff says he’s been in contact with both the local community foundation and the Marquette County Community Foundation to determine what a similar partnership might look like for the Menominee County mine. Menominee’s Judicial and Legislative/Personnel and Labor Committee is next up to review the proposed agreement. They will take up the issue at their 6:00 meeting tonight.