Spring and summer are just around the corner and with the change in seasons comes a change in weather threats. It is Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness week in both Wisconsin and Michigan and officials are encouraging schools, businesses, and families to develop and test emergency plans they can implement should the weather turn dangerous. There will be two opportunities to do this locally as Bay Cities Radio will broadcast both Wisconsin and Michigan statewide mock tornado warnings. Wednesday, a statewide tornado drill will be issued for Michigan at noon Central time. On Thursday, a statewide mock tornado watch will be issued for Wisconsin at 1:00 PM, followed by a mock tornado warning at 1:45 PM. A second mock tornado warning for Wisconsin will air at 6:45 PM.
The National Weather Service says one of the most important aspects of an emergency plan is knowing where to seek shelter in the event of an actual tornado warning. If you are at home, move to the basement or an interior room away from windows. At your workplace or school, follow tornado drill procedures and get to the designated tornado shelter location. Avoid large open rooms such as cafeterias and gymnasiums. Lastly, if you are in a car, the best course of action is to exit that vehicle and seek shelter in a sturdy building or a low-lying area such as a ditch or ravine.