States witness Rebecca Bohr, DNA analyst with the Wisconsin State Crime Lab in Madison took the stand Monday to discuss the comparison of envelope DNA profile taken from Vanneuwenhoven with the DNA profile from the stain on Ellen Matheys shorts. Prosecuting Attorney Norman Gaan asks, “based upon all of the DNA testing that you’ve conducted in this case and your predecessors and all of the reports that you’ve reviewed and based upon the statistic that you’ve generated, do you have an opinion whether the defendant is the source of the stain on Ellen Matheys shorts?”

Gaan asks, “and what is that view?

Upon the completion of the states witnesses they rested. The defense however did request a motion to direct a verdict which Judge James Morrison denied. After a brief recess, for the defense to speak to their client, Vanneuwenhoven still stands firm on not taking the stand on his own behalf. Today the jury will hear closing arguments beginning at 8:30am at the Marinette County Courthouse.