Mark McGuire of C.D. Smith gave an update to the Marinette School Board Tuesday evening on the rightsizing of the district. Currently they are working at Park Elementary, and Merryman School which McGuire says, “were continuing the masonry walls. Majority of the school’s structure is masonry block so it’s a lot of work.”

“We’re in the process of ruffing in the utilities into the buildings. Utilities like mechanical, electrical, and plumbing,” says McGuire.

According to McGuire Park and Merryman are very similar projects. However, at Merryman they are still pouring floor slabs but that should be completed by the end of next week. Also, according to McGuire between the two buildings they’ve poured over 1,300 cubic yards of concrete thus far and have used a total of 85,000 concrete blocks in the project to date.