The race for the City of Menominee mayor is heating up, as a third candidate has entered the race. City of Menominee resident Beth Peanosky is running for mayor of the City of Menominee. Peanosky says, “she is an active member in the community, and is an action minded individual who acts at every invitation to improve the community.”

Peanosky says, “I am the voice of you. I am the voice the of the citizens of Menominee. If I am elected mayor, my door will always be open, my phone will always be available, anyway you want to contact me whether it be by texting or calling, whichever it is, I want to hear what your concerns are, and what you love about Menominee.”

Peanosky goes on to say that I am not seeking election to be another yes-woman. I am seeking to represent the community. I am not a politician seeking office; I am a person who cares just like you. Peanosky will face Incumbent Mayor Jean Stegeman, and Casey Hoffman in the upcoming August 8th primary.

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