01/23/2019- Menominee County’s elected officials will see a flat-rate salary increase in 2019. The county’s Board of Commissioners has been considering whether the Clerk/ Register of Deeds, Treasurer, Sheriff, and Prosecuting Attorney should receive the same 2% raise as the rest of the county’s employees since December. County Administrator Jason Carviou recently proposed a second option: to grant an across-the-board increase of about $1400 to each of the elected officials, noting that both routes would have the same budgetary impact. Commissioner David Prestin says the flat-rate option would address the disparity between the salaries between the first- and second-in-command in some departments, particularly in the county Sheriff’s Office where the Sheriff currently makes less than the Undersheriff.
However, Commissioner Bernie Lang says it isn’t fair to give a flat-rate increase to the elected officials when the 2019 budget implied they would get a 2% raise.
Several Commissioners mentioned the county should perform a new wage study to examine how to rectify the differences between department head and chief deputy positions. But, Commissioner Larry Phelps cautioned against it, saying the county isn’t prepared to consider restructuring wages. And, he adds, a flat-rate increase could have ramifications when it comes to future employee negotiations.
Ultimately, the motion to approve the flat-rate increase passed on a 5-4 vote.