12/19/2018- As many as 90 Marinette County employees will see a reduction in their post-retirement benefits following a new policy amendment. The County Board voted Tuesday to remove the option for employees to elect to receive both eight years of retirees’ health insurance and a sick bank health reimbursement account payout in an effort to save the county more than $730000. For several years, non-exempt employees have been allowed to accrue up to 800 hours of sick leave that was then paid out as an HRA upon retirement. County Administrator John Lefebvre says it’s an uncommon benefit and one that was never negotiated in to employee contracts by the former unions.
The recommendation was brought to the full county board by a unanimous vote from the administrative committee, but some supervisors felt the move would be unfair to those who have saved up thousands in their sick bank HRA. It was suggested that the item be sent back to committee level for further discussion, but Administrative Committee member and Supervisor John Guarisco says it’s unlikely their recommendation would change.
Employees can still take advantage of both the retirees’ health insurance and the HRA payout if they retire before the change takes effect on June 30th of next year. The policy amendment was approved 19 to 8.