12/24/2019- A report by the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute shows binge drinkers in Marinette County have, on average, more than five episodes of binge drinking monthly. The Burden of Binge Drinking report dives into the economic cost of excessive alcohol consumption, including negative health and social consequences. Locally, there’s a 24% binge drinking rate- that’s the same as the statewide average, but well above the US average of 16%. And, Molly Bonjean, Marinette County Health Officer says those local figures are on the rise.
There are several factors contributing to the high binge drinking numbers in Marinette County and Bonjean says excessive alcohol use has been identified as one of Marinette County Public Health’s top priorities to address.
In Marinette County, excessive alcohol use contributes to an average of 18 alcohol related deaths, 422 hospitalizations, and 49 car crashes annually. Binge drinking is responsible for 76% of the total economic cost of excessive alcohol consumption, the burden of which is carried by the government and, in turn, by the taxpayers