09/05/2018- The onset of fall has many hunters eager to get out into the woods, but there are some changes to be aware of this season. John Huff with the Wisconsin DNR provided an update to the Marinette County Development Committee Tuesday explaining an emergency rule put in place by the DNR that prohibits the transportation of a deer carcass out of the county unless it has been quartered or will be taken to a licensed meat processor within 72 hours of leaving. Huff says the DNR is monitoring the CWD situation closely statewide and in Marinette County and hunters can do their part by bringing deer heads to new drop-off stations for testing at the Wausaukee Ranger Station and Peshtigo Service Center.
Huff says another big change will be to the county’s zoning designations. Following a recommendation by the county’s deer advisory council, the portion of the county between Beaver and Wausaukee is now classified as a Central Farmland unit, opening up more antlerless deer permits in that area.
Huff says hunters should also be aware that all physical deer registration stations have been eliminated and deer must be registered online or by phone.