Ahead of a trial scheduled in November for former Menominee County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Helfert, Menominee County Prosecutor Jeffrey Rogg is asking the court to reconsider several charges that were dismissed earlier this year. Rogg says while on May 16th, at a preliminary hearing in District Court, the judge bound Helfert over to trial on some charges; the judge declined to bind over on and dismissed many other Criminal Sexual Conduct charges in two cases. In the motion, Rogg states he believes that there was probable cause that each of the dismissed crimes were committed and that Helfert committed the alleged crimes. A pre-trial hearing is scheduled for today on these matters. The prosecutor also requests a hearing on this motion to be set at the pre-trial. Helfert is scheduled to go to trial on November 28th on two counts of child sexually abusive activity and two counts of criminal sexual conduct.