The vast freshwater access we have in our area means what’s on your dinner plate may have come from a body of water just up the road, but the Wisconsin DNR and DHS are reminding people to check fish consumption guidelines before digging in. The agencies have released their 2020-2021 Choose Wisely booklet, which identifies Wisconsin water bodies with elevated levels of contaminants. The updated booklet outlines safe-eating guidelines for fish based on levels of PCBs, mercury and PFOS found in various Wisconsin water bodies. While fish are a primary source of important nutrients like omega-3s, they can also accumulate pollutants from their environment and food, causing health risks for humans. Due to mercury concerns, women over 50 and men can safely consume up to one serving per week of panfish from the Lower Scott Flowage along the Menominee River and one serving a month of walleye over 16” there. The DNR tests for contaminants in fish from several locations annually and uses those results to update guidelines each year. You can find more location-specific fish consumption advice and additional information on the Wisconsin DNR’s website.