07/08/2020- Marinette’s Common Council has signed off on a plan to protect the shoreline at the City’s Red Arrow Park from further erosion caused by chronic high water levels and intense wave action. At the recommendation of the Finance Committee Tuesday, Council approved a request to spend up to about $60000 to place large rock pilings along the shoreline at Red Arrow. Alderperson Ken Keller says the plan won’t solve all of the flooding issues at the park, but it will prevent further erosion which is currently threatening the underground holding tank for the restroom facilities there.

Because of the urgent nature of the project, the City was able to bypass the formal bid requirements for the process and a quote for the work came in at around $49000, however, Marinette was reimbursed more than $59000 for storm damage that occurred last year and opted to earmark all of that for the erosion control at Red Arrow. It’s estimated as much as 50 feet of shoreline may have been lost at the park due to high water and erosion.